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Easter 2014

When is Easter in the year 2014? You do believe in forward planning don't you!

Well, officially it will be:

Easter Sunday 20th April 2014

This is the date that has been set according to The Roman Catholic Church calendar. This is also one of those few years when the Eastern Orthodox Church is celebrating easter on the same day.

This is unusualbecause the two branches of Christianity each calculate the correct date for Easter in different ways.

Why does the Easter date move every year?

It goes back to the Roman Emperor Constantinethe great. He held a meeting of all the early Christian leaders at Nicea in the year 325 ad.

They decided that instead of a fixed date (like the first of April) Easter would be celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox. This keeps Easter in line with the Jewish passover festival. Since in the New Testament it is recorded that Jesus was cruxified after passover, it would be odd to celebrate Easter before Passover which could happen if Easter had been set on a fixed day of March or April.


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